SFFCon Nov 7-8

It’s Official, I am participating in Science Fiction and Fantasy Con 2020, Nov 7-8. It’s a virtual convention online so it’s as close as your kitchen table! Check it out online.   http://www.sffcon.com

About SFFCon

How did SFFCon come to be?

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a difficult year in human history. From the pandemic to wildfires, the world has had a trying time.

Sci-fi and fantasy have long been a means of escape for fans. These works pull readers and viewers into an alternative reality where they can follow heroes as they overcome obstacles.

Unfortunately, with the state of the world, most in-person gatherings were cancelled in 2020. This has left many friends without a gathering place to share in their nerdom and escape the trails of real life.

So, SFFCon was born—something for people to look forward to as a bright point in an otherwise dark year. 2020 will make the first SFFCon, but we hope it won’t be the last.


To provide a fun and inviting gathering place for science fiction and fantasy fans to share their love of the genre. Leave politics at the door and focus on what unites us.


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