When I wrote my first book, AL:ICE, I did so under a veil of secrecy. Not because I was embarrassed by my efforts, but rather to avoid the knowing looks one always receives. Everyone says they are writing a book, but you never seem to see a completed work. I was told by many in the business that just finishing the effort was overcoming the first great challenge.

After I finally exposed my completed novel to my friends and family, they were extremely supportive once they overcame the shock that I had actually written a book. You see, English and Writing were not my strongest subjects in school. To say I struggled to complete those classes would be a fair and accurate statement. I am the Math and Science guy, finishing college with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

I attribute my attempt at writing to three things. First, an ex-wife with whom I did some minor collaboration in her professional writing career. Her, perhaps off handed comment that I may have some talent in that area, left its seed to grow in the back of my mind. The second was that eureka moment when I was reading a novel by a favorite author. He had chosen to collaborate with another in an effort I found disappointing. It was the “I can do better than this” statement in my mind that was the trigger. Finally, I credit my wife, whom was extremely supportive when I proposed the idea to her. Her outward encouragement masked any reservations she may have had concerning my sanity.

Three years later I find myself with four Science Fiction ebooks and audiobooks for sale as an Indie publisher. I also have two Fantasy Novels, one on the shelf, as they say, working with an agent to land a traditional deal. I have other ideas in the works, but as a part time writer, this is not my day job. 
In the end, my goal is to write stories that entertain the reader, allowing us to suspend reality, if not for just a little while.

Charles Lamb lives in Jacksonville Florida with his wife and three dogs. He enjoys boating, scuba diving, shooting, motorcycles, classic cars and being outdoors.

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