For those of you that are wondering how it is that Kinsey got a featured role in the Ranger series, I offer the following. A dog with personality!


A Big Thank You!

Tantor, my audio book publisher, reached out to me to let me know early sales for Ranger and Dragon’s Teeth were fantastic! Just wanted to say thanks to all of you that enjoy that format.


I was talking with my editor the other day and I mentioned the number of reviews the ALICE series gets mentioning how they think it would make a great TV show. Now we all agree this is HBO or Netflix material and not mainstream but the combination of western 1800s mixed with aliens in space infers a more adult Firefly?

My editor suggested I post the question and see how many readers felt this way. Anyone else have a comment on this?

Impatient Author

OK, so for those of you both keeping track and waiting for Dragon’s Teeth, I have good news. I got all the formatting and proofing done early, so I am able to push the release 10 days, making June 20th the eBook and Print release date.

For you Audiobook fans, I am sorry but that is still set for June 30th as I don’t control that release.

Question for ALICE readers?

As I work through the story line for ALICE 5, I am having to pick and choose which characters from books 1-4 to focus on. I was thinking to ask you, the readers, which of these characters you wanted to see more of in this book?

I am also considering releasing free short stories on my website focusing on certain characters in the period between ALICE 4, Space War and ALICE 5, Alliance. There is a 10 year jump between the two and it allows me to give the dedicated fans a little more. There wont be any explanations so if you haven’t read the books they probably wont make a lot of sense.

Feel free to post feedback and let me know what you want to see.


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